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filled in red or blue expecept for a few, 237 electoral votes for obama, 191 for mitt romney, you need 270 to become president. now, what is the shortest path for mitt romney to overcome the swing state legion and get to 270 electoral votes? give mitt romney florida, virginia, north carolina, colorado. his shortest path is to win those states. he would win a majority of the nine swing states and that gets him to 275, 263 for barack obama. he also needs for that scenario to win the state of ohio. tyler mentioned the cleveland airport today. what -- now, let's go back to this map again, put the swing states again in yellow and say, what is barack obama's shortest path? he just needs to win three of the nine swing states, those three, wisconsin, paul ryan's home state, ohio, the state we have just been talking about and also nevada, big harry reid's home state, the senate leader, big union vote, big hispanic vote there. if he gets those three things, barack obama gets to 271 electoral votes and wins, tyler. >> but not any three of those nine states? >> specifically those three. >> specifi
of course, as we've been saying, president obama set to lay down his starting points on the fiscal cliff debate and what the economy needs to stay in recovery mode. a setting rich in theater coming just hours after the speaker of the house, boehner, made his case. >> indeed he did, ty. thank you. i'm sue herera, along with my partner tyler mathisen. john harwood and eamon javers are in washington as we countdown to the president's statement in a few minutes. we're hearing that the white house has invited congressional leaders for a meeting at the white house next week on the fiscal cliff. that seems to mean, john, to me anyway, a little bit of progress. what type of tone do you expect, john, the president to take in this next address? >> sue, i expect him to be conciliatory and reaching out to republicans the way john boehner has tried to strike that mode on capitol hill. two different white house specialists just told me the president will walk out here and announce he's invited the bipartisan leadership of congress to the white house next week to begin talks on the fiscal cliff. i have
" begins right now. >> wall street ushers in another four years of president obama with a massive sell-off. dow down 295 at 12,951. nasdaq off 2.5% at 2,937. the s&p lower by 31 points, better than 2% there. gold and oil also moving lower. this is not helping things either. violence breaking out in athens once again. firebombs being hurled against police. greek parliament voting on new austerity measures. sue is live in the middle of the market mess downtown at the new york stock exchange. sue? >>> indeed i am. it was interesting what you did with gold there, ty. we had a huge gain in the gold market yesterday. lot of people were expecting more of a pullback. we're not getting that. just a little bit. on a day like this we're going to start with bob pisani here on the floor of the new york stock exchange. you know, we have the president re-elected but we still have the impasse in congress that he's going to have to deal with after this election. and that seems to be looming very large over this market. >> let me handicap this for you. 300 points down on the dow. hundred, hundred, hundr
is on. >>> president obama and governor romney, new polling numbers out. what do they show? >> the national numbers show a dead heat race. 48%-47% in the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll. the challenge facing mitt romney is the swing states, battlegrounds. there are nine of them. if you look at the ones where president obama is leading, average all the polls on the website. you see the president of the united states is leading in swing states like ohio, new hampshire, colorado, iowa, nevada, wisconsin, all those are critical. mitt romney's only leading in two of the swing states, we're talking about florida with 29 electoral votes, and north carolina with 15. you add those together to the base states that mitt romney has. that only makes 235 electoral votes. president obama with 303. that doesn't mean mitt romney cannot win. he's very close in some other states. in colorado, for example, in new hampshire, he -- but he's going to have to make up a lot of ground in a lot of places to get there and the last swing state polls we showed showed six. poi
. locking the world's potential. >>> in the first days after the storm, president obama toured the damage and received praise for his leadership. but as the gas lines grew and tempers got short, new damage uncovered could be images and headlines turn against him. john harwood is at an afl-cio phone bank where they are urging voters to get to the polls. governor christie seems deeply in command the way the federal government has stepped in to help. this is the third hurricane i've covered in my lifetime, andrew, katrina and now this. we are at the point where the population gets furious and they turn on the government. the government can just not handle the huge, huge logistical requirements that happen after a storm like this. could this actually turn on the president at some point here? >> reporter: i don't think so. i think what the president has had the opportunity to do is show americans that he was involved in an effort that the country was rallying behind and do his job in a way that got praise by the keynote speaker at the republican convention, chris christie, very tough critic of
president obama's news conference 30 minutes away. >>> that is a live picture of the white house, everyone. the president's news conference begins in 30 minutes from now. we will count you down every step of the way. fiscal cliff will obviously be one of the top topics this hour. brian sullivan, eamon javers, john harwood is working his way into the white house right now for that news conference. they are all gathered with me. brian, we're going to begin with you. >> this is a big day at the white house. this is a big week at the white house regarding the fiscal cliff, guys. and today, 12 top ceo are coming here to the white house to meet with the president, anything from walmart to duke energy to ursula burns of xerox and nine others. they will gather up, they will huddle up and exchange ideas to try to find a fix for the fiscal cliff. the question is, how much is the president willing to give on spending cuts, how much is the gop willing to perhaps give on tax increases and revenue enhancements, and what will the ceos say, ask and demand? eamon javers here also at the white house as we h
higher income people will effectively pay more. so that accomplishes what president obama's asking for. now he has to reach back and say, yes, we're going to find some savings to truly -- >> senator hoeven, i know you are aware of our rise above campaign here on cnbc. here is a button. we hope you will wear it proudly. this is a north dakota edition of "power lunch." >>> well, whether to say with the norquist no tax hike pledge is now hot debate for republicans as you can see right there in washington. the once belle of the ball is now being pushed aside. politico's chief white house correspondent mike allen spoke with mr. norquist this morning. welcome to "power lunch." mr. norquist didn't seem to soften at all. as a matter of fact from what i've read, he kind of bristled. one quote from the debrief will you this morning was the party cannot have its fingerprints on the murder weapon, meaning raising taxes. how do you see this all playing out? we just heard from a senator who did not sign his pledge. you know, is mr. norquist now really be pushed aside by the party? >> grover norquist
the highs, 12,839 is where the dow stands right now, higher by more than 50 points, .4%. president obama reportedly just spoke with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. john harwood joins us now. john, what can you tell us? the white house had a lot at stake here by sending hillary clinton to try to get this resolved. >> reporter: absolutely. and this is the result that president obama had in mind when he sent hillary clinton from that asian trip that he was on to try to broker a cease-fire. but it's only a cease-fire. it is only one step. there is a long way to go. the administration of course is caught between support for our traditional ally israel, but also the desire for -- by the administration to improve its ties throughout the arab world and the islamic world and this has been a very difficult situation. the president hasn't been all that engaged after an early attempt early in his administration to broker a middle east peace deal. now he's back in it with both feet and we'll see the prospects for getting it done. this has frustrated american presidents offense a very long
, how are traders down here investing -- reacting to mr. obama and mr. boehner? >> it depends on what the headlines are. so the president said the clear majority voted for a balanced approach. but there's a lot of debate about what that means. representative boehner i thought was much more into fighting words over there. listen to what he said. increasing the tax rates is the wrong approach to take. he said there was a stalemate in the talks with the white house. look at the dow industrials. we did move down around 25, 30 points as his comments came out. he said we're almost nowhere in the talks. sitting right near the lows for the day. if you look at the overall sectors that are moving today, pretty much balanced on either side. pretty much even on the balance-decline line. worries about higher taxes on dividend paying stocks seem to be -- >> lows for the day but not violent downstrokes here. >> i think the problem is we'll have trouble moving into positive territory at the close. a lot of concerns about headline risks over the weekend. we could be down 10, 15 on the s&p monday morni
tax increases at some level beginning next year with obama care's health care taxes. and investors are locking in profits that they know at 15% on dividends and cap gains now in assets that have gained in the last several years versus waiting. we really don't know what's going to happen. >> as we wait for the statement from mr. bernanke in about two minutes now, talk to me about dividend paying stocks. they've really been hit very hard in the last week or so as the election results came out, as we hear the republicans and the democrats and the president trying to hash all of this out. would you avoid dividend paying stocks or do you just have to be very particular about which ones you chose? >> i wouldn't avoid them. dividends are an integral part of total return in equities. that's not going away, the tax efficiency of those returns has been great the last ten years. that may be declining at some level and that may be investors reallocating capital based on after-tax returns which is a smart thing to do. you may see more buybacks an money staying in share prices going forward. if
to "power lunch." it is a fiscal cliff faceoff. president obama meeting with small business leaders at the white house this afternoon to make his case for higher taxes ahead. we will also go to the home state of a kai player in tey pl talks. >>> the chevy volt struggling to work with car makers aed car buyers. why is general motors doubling down with its big bet in electric and has it jumped its sales? >>> facebook stock up 10% in the past week and 30% the past two months. has it finally turned a corpser? >>> speaking of corners, we have switched corners, tyler, the gentleman that he is, is braving you the snow and the ice in new york city and he is down on the floor of the new york estock exchange. >> a mucky day. not since 2008 has it been so high. more evidence the housing recovery is taking root. prices rising in the big cities but a warning we may head into a recession next year if the u.s. and europe don't solve their fiscal messes. right now the dow industrials a built of a breather down 21 points. >>> meanwhile, 34 days to the fiscal cliff. will a deal be done in time? today
were used. two seem after a key meeting between president obama and congressional leaders. however, a nuclear threat remains. a report that just came out a short time ago will add to worry on everything. the international nuclear agency says iran has just made some progress toward a nuclear weapon. >>> sue herera is off today. simon is in at the new york stock exchange and we will go to him in a moment. >>> but our top story is inz of rising above. maybe, just maybe. john harwood at the white house as a meeting between the president and congressional leaders wrapped up within the last hour or so. john? sum it up for us. >> tyler, it's a long way to the finish line but if you want to have a positive auspicious start to the negotiations, that's exactly what we got here at the white house. president obama brought the bipartisan leaders together. he spoke from a position of confidence having just won the election but he said we need to find common ground and when the bipartisan leadership walked out of the white house and addressed reporters in the driveway, positive notes were all the
and exchange commission. mary shapiro is stepping down as head of the s.e.c. and president obama is designating commission member elise walter as her replacement. eamon javers is in washington with the details. >> reporter: this is a bit of a surprise announcement. a lot of other names had been speculated over the past couple of days here on who might succeed mary shapiro over at s.e.c. but the tap goes to elise walter today. she is a sitting s.e.c. commissioner now. that means that the president will not have to face a bruising confirmation battle up on capitol hill for her to take over as the chair of the s.e.c. what we're told is the president is likely to appoint somebody to fill out that term after elisse walter finishes up mary shapiro's term in 2014. we expect that the president will name somebody else to follow on after elisse walter. a little bit of complicated moving and shaking here but already the consideration in washington turning to mary shapiro's legacy. she took over at one of the darkest points in american financial history in january of 2009. the s.e.c. pointing out today tha
obama, 46% for mitt romney. finally new hampshire, the only state in the northeast where mitt romney's a real threat to take away from democrats. president obama's got a 2 percentage point lead, 49-24. in all of these polls, we see that mitt romney is roughly even with the president on the -- who can best manage the economy. on their favorable ratings, mitt romney's has improved, but in each case the lead the president has among women is spllightly larger than the lead mitt romney has among men. simen? >> john, thank you. >>> let's move from sandy and the road to recovery. baby steps i'm afraid still being taken in the city of new york today, including reports that manhattan power may be back online during the course of the weekend. until then, things appear to be getting tense. our senior correspondent scott cohn joins me now from lower manhattan. scott, i just heard firsthand that some residential buildings are now hiring armed guards because of the type of threat that they have faced from people attempting to loot as, of course, the police make those very regular trips during the
to be worried about. >> that even goes to obama's terminology yesterday. he talked about presenting a framework by chris mall. framework, all that means is, listen, we've got to plan, we can modify it, tweak it -- the market will not want that. >> the market will move very quickly if they perceive it is not substance. remember it's two parts -- soon and substance. >> thank you very much. >>> to the nasdaq right now, bertha coombs is there following the big movers. >> over the last couple of days the nasdaq has managed to move into positive territory for the month of november, back above 3,000. today one of the biggest movers is research in motion getting an upgrade at goldman sachs. one of the firms that sees them perhaps getting some traction with the blackberry 10 rollout in 2013. apple up today as well, up more than 1%. look what's happened this month. nasdaq composite has moved up without the help of apple. apple on track for the third straight monthly loss. what's really made the difference here? games. cisco, some of the big caps like cisco, gilead, qualcomm and amazon, they've accounted
. >>> what will the economy look like under the new congress and the second obama administration? lynn tannenbaum is ceo of fifth street finance, a billion dollar market cap lender to private equity and the middle cap market. i know that one of the things that is very dear to you -- before we get to the markets, i want to ask you about it -- is american competitiveness. and that is tied up, isn't it, with the fiscal cliff and our ability to be sensible about our budget. >> look, we haven't even had a budget in the past three years. that's democrats and republicans, both at fault. there's no budget, no pay memorandum that went around that these legislators shouldn't even get paid unless there is a budget. we need a bipartisan solution but we need planning. certainty. you heard kenny seen certainly is what's roiling these markets. this is a chance for obama to step to the middle. this is a chance for the republicans to leave their partisanship behind and do what's right for the country. in talking to a lot of senators and congressmen down in washington, d.c., i personally believe that a
on "the re-election of president obama" and the impact this could have on the u.s. coal and energy sectors. caterpillar down better than 11% over the past year as you see right there. jim, what do you think? agree? disagree? >> i disagree. normally i get down on these analysts because i think they look too much the minutia of a company and minneapolis the macro themes. i like his methodology, starting right at the top, politic and policy because those are the big drivers and movers of stocks over the last five years. the thing i don't like about downgrading cat, there have been some decent numbers out of china. if we think we're going to come to some agreement on fiscal cliff, the broad market with rally. cat would become a proxy. >> so disagree with jpmorgan there. brave man. "limited upside brings us back to a hold on valuation ground." the stock has had a modest jump of 8% over the past six months. >> i'm long j&j and am going to hold it like they say. that 3.51% yield is nice particularly when they're -- when the government's compressing yields along the treasury curve and the percept
. those are the guys that need help. president obama meeting with big labor leaders today almost that bring us any closer for farther away from a deal? the cliff, a deal. millions of us use the product he invented, this man, right here, to keep our computers safe from virus. as we first reported yesterday, john mcafee is on the run in central america. he is wanted for murder. we have new information this hour, including his side of the story. >>> and tens of thousands of people are still without power in the 12 wealthiest counties in the country. my mere and father-in-law got theirs back last night, but they still have no heat, no hot water and no laundry. we sent gary gam minute ski into the mess in his home up to with two cameras and what he came back with will stun you. sue is live at the new york stock exchange. sue? >> i have seep a little bit of that ty, you don't want to miss gary's story in a few minutes much the markets have been up and down on either side unchanged today. right now the dow is in the green by 22 points, the s and p up about 2.75 points. nasdaq negative b
lunch" as he was one of the group of civic leaders to meet behind closed doors with president obama on friday. mark morial, a very happy saints fans as they beat the raiders yesterday, the ceo of the national urban league. you spoke with the president on friday, mayor. where do you think he sees the most fruitful opportunity for compromise? >> the president was in a great mood and i think our meeting on friday capped off a meeting during which the president -- a week, rather, during which the president met with business, labor, civic leaders and congressional leaders. and the most important thing from our perspective are, one, to ensure that middle class and working class tax cuts are sustained in the negotiations, and then number two, to ensure that any of the steps that are taken do not affect negatively on the fragile recovery and the job creation which is beginning to take place. and thirdly, to ensure that america's most vulnerable citizens, those who have been damaged by the recession in a very big way, do not have to bear disproportionate share of the burden to get us to a gr
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